Monday, May 8, 2023

Unleashing the Power in Excel: The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut

Microsoft Excel
Do you get lost in large Excel spreadsheets?

This Cool Tip is your key to getting to where you need to be quickly.

Ctrl+G is a handy shortcut opens up the 'Go To' dialog box, allowing users to quickly navigate through a workbook.

Ctrl+G, or Control+G, is a keyboard shortcut in Excel that opens the 'Go To' dialog box. 

This feature lets you quickly jump to a specific cell, range, or even named ranges within your workbook. 

The Go To dialog box can also be accessed by pressing F5 or navigating to the Home tab and clicking on Find & Select > Go To.

Using Ctrl+G: Step by Step
  • Press Ctrl+G to open the 'Go To' dialog box.
  • Enter the cell reference or range you want to navigate to, such as A1 or A1:B10.
  • Click OK or press Enter to navigate to the specified location.
Microsoft Excel Go To
fig. 1   Microsoft Excel Go To screen

That's it!

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