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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Skip the Crowd, Order Online at Panera

Panera Bread
I love Panera (or as it is known locally, the St. Louis Bread Company).

Fresh bagels, bread, pastries, soups and sandwiches are staples that bring hungry guests in to their stores.

But that's Panera's problem. So many choices.  So little time.

It seems that customers are often the problem.  What to order?  What to order?

I only wish these customers could hear my mental thoughts.  "Order something.  Anything.  You've been in line for 10 minutes.  Do it now!"

But this meal time crisis can be easily averted by ordering ahead online or with the new mobile apps.

Called Rapid Pickup, the feature is designed to allow guests to order ahead for pick-up at a pre-determined time without waiting in line.

Once you've registered for a Panera account, you can place your order.  All of the menu times are available and you can customize every order by adding or removing items.  No mayo for me!

Usually an order is available at the earliest 15 minutes from ordering.  But you can also set a pickup time ahead.

Panera app
 Panera app Order screen

When your order is ready, just pick it up from the Rapid Pickup counter usually next to or across from the main cashier.  That's it!

Using this service many times, I've found few problems.  When there has been an issue (like a missing drink cup or missing item), the counter staff have resolved quickly and offered a free pastry as a gift for their error.

Panera is investing heavily to resolve its operational issues with a new program called Panera 2.0.
In addition to Rapid Pickup, Panera is also rolling out the ability to order from your table with the mobile technology and have your food delivered to your table and installing fastlane kiosks to allow guests to order in-store themselves for both Dine In and To Go orders.

Visit Panera:
Download the iOS app HERE
Download the Android app HERE

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