Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Fix the iPhone Text Message Reset Error

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If you haven't heard, pranksters have learned that sending a specific string of text as a message to an iPhone will freeze and reset the iPhone.

How fun.

We won't share the offending text here.  But it's easily found

So what's the fix?

According to Apple, if you encounter this unfriendly text message and your iPhone has gone bonkers, here's the fix:

  • Ask Siri to "read unread messages."
  • Use Siri to reply to the malicious message.  After you reply, you'll be able to open Messages again.
  • If the issue continues, tap and hold the malicious message, tap More and delete the message from the thread.

Apple also says that there will be a more permanent solution in a future update.  Yay.

So why does this text have such magical properties to be able to reset an iPhone?  The answer is a bit complicated but it relates to the numerical coding behind each text letter.  Some foreign text, in a specific string, can cause SpringBoard, the application that handles the main iPhone screen, to reset. 

Fortunately, this text message error only results in a minor annoyance.  But Apple and other smartphone makes should expand their efforts to ensure that their devices and operating systems are not vulnerable to these errors and much worse attacks.

Source: Apple

Take Back Your Inbox with Google Inbox

Google Inbox, an alternative format for its popular Gmail service, is now open to all users.

Google Inbox has been in testing for the past several months and opening it up to all users will allow more users to experience the beauty of "smart" email.

So what does it do?  Inbox lets you take control of your email inbox.   Messages are grouped together.  Reminders are easily set.  You can view relevant images from the web.  All from the same screen.  It's a modern and refreshing take on how an email Inbox should work.

Check out the video from Google:

If you use Gmail, Inbox is a welcomed addition.

And you can easily use both regular Gmail and Google Inbox.

Google Inbox is available from the web and mobile for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

You can download the app at

Source: Google


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The Sparkly End of Facebook?

Facebook has made a change this week.  And not for the better.

It is now allowing animated gifs to be added to status updates.

The world is ending as we know it.

MySpace, the forerunner to Facebook, came to its bitter end due in part to the proliferation of animated gifs and autostart music that were used to decorate profile page.

Especially the animated Tinkerbells.

No offense Tink, but you are the messenger of social media death,

Facebook built its audience on a clean, simple interface and fast performance.

Maybe the world is ready for Sparkly Tink to show her stuff again.

But the OneCoolTip of the day is to be wary of this dark angel of social media death,

If you are interested in living on the wild side, you can add an animated gif by pasting in the URL.  Uploaded gifs are not currently supported.  The gif must be on an external website.  have fun!

The feature is still rolling out to users.  So you may not yet be able to add an animated gif to your timeline.  Also, animated gifs work on the web version of Facebook but not yet the mobile app.


One Cool
Daily Tips for a Cooler Life!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Google Photos is a New "Must Have" App

UPDATE 6/22/15: You can also upload photos from your desktop to Google Photos.  Learn more HERE.

Check out the new "must have" Google Photos app for Apple iOS and Android devices.  Released this week, the app offers free, unlimited cloud storage for all of your photos.

Google Photos Screen Shot - Automatically organize by what mattersGoogle Photos Screen Shot - One home for your photos

One cool new feature is the ability to search your photos by keywords.  Google Photos automatically organizes your photos by peoples, places and things.  At first it's a bit alarming but after being able to find photos quickly, you will come to appreciate the value of this technology.

In addition, there is basic photo editing and sharing within the app. 

Google Photos is a great new tool and we're excited to see what's next for this amazing app.

You can download the iOS version HERE and the Android version HERE.


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Amazon Echo Now Knows Your Google Schedule

Amazon Echo logo
Amazon announced today that their Echo home device now will access your Google Calendar.

You can ask it simple commands regarding your Google calendar.
Just update your Google account in the Amazon Echo app on your smart phone.

Amazon Echo Details on Google Calendar

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