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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Test Your Internet Speed

How fast is your Internet speed?  5 meg? 20 meg? 100 meg?

Are you really getting the speed you are promised (and paying for) by your ISP?

A quick way to find out is to use

Click the Begin Test button

Speed Test Begin

After download and upload tests are performed, your results will be displayed.  You can redo the test a few times to ensure you get consistent results.  This will show if you are getting close to what you think you should be getting for the service you are buying from your internet provider.

Speed Test Results

To ensure that you are getting accurate results, be sure to limit other activity on your PC during the testing, for example a virus scan, as well as internet activity on other devices on your home or office network, for example an Apple TV device streaming Netflix.

SpeedTest is also available as a mobile app for your iPhone and Android devices.  This is a good tool if you need to test the speed of your smart phone for your carrier's speed or a WiFi.

Finally, try a few other sites from time to time to validate your results:



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