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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Can Your AirPods Amplify Your World?

Apple Airpods
Ever found yourself straining to hear conversations in a crowded restaurant or struggled to catch the dialogue in your favorite movie? 

Could you not hear the daily special or did you miss the punchline?

Have you ever wondered if your Apple AirPods could amplify sounds or boost the sounds around you? 

Millions of people face these situations daily. 

But what if there was a discreet, convenient solution tucked away in your pocket? 

Here's a Cool Tip.  Use your Apple AirPods with Live Listen.

The Live Listen feature transforms your iPhone or iPad into a microphone, amplifying surrounding sounds and sending them straight to your AirPods. 

Here's how to do it.
  • Wear your AirPods, and make sure they’re connected to your device.
  • Open Control Center on your device (swipe down from the top right),
  • Tap the Hearing button.
iPhone Hearing
  • Tap Live Listen.
Live Listen
fig. 1 - Select Live Listen
  • Position your device near the sound source and enjoy clearer conversations, whether at dinner or during presentations.
Live Listen
fig. 2 - Live Listen Amplifies Sounds
  • If you don’t see the Hearing button, add it to Control Center—go to Settings  > Control Center, then choose Hearing.

This tip is not a replacement for medical hearing aids. 

For significant hearing loss, consult a professional!

While not a true medical solution, Apple AirPods offer surprising functionalities for those with mild hearing loss. 

They're a handy, accessible way to boost everyday sounds and enrich your world. 

So, the next time you reach for your AirPods, remember: they might just hold the key to hearing life a little louder and clearer.


Have you tried Live Listen with your Airpods?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

How to Use Apple's New Adaptive Audio and Conversation Awareness for AirPods Pro

Air Pods
Are you tired of having to adjust your AirPods' noise cancellation settings every time you want to talk to someone? 

Or maybe you're worried about missing important announcements because your AirPods are blocking out the world around you?

Here's a Cool Tip.  AirPod Adaptive Audio.

Apple's new Adaptive Audio and Conversation Awareness features for AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) are here to help. 

These features automatically adjust your AirPods' noise cancellation and transparency settings based on your environment and what you're doing.

Adaptive Audio
Adaptive Audio uses machine learning to automatically adjust the noise cancellation and transparency levels of your AirPods based on the ambient noise around you. 

For example, if you're in a quiet room, your AirPods will use more transparency to let you hear your surroundings. 

But if you're in a noisy environment, your AirPods will use more noise cancellation to block out the noise.

Conversation Awareness
Conversation Awareness is a sub-feature of Adaptive Audio that automatically lowers your media volume and enhances voices in front of you when you start talking. 

This makes it easy to have conversations without having to remove your AirPods or adjust the settings manually.

Here's how to do it.

To enable Adaptive Audio and Conversation Awareness, follow these steps:
  • Make sure your AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) are connected to your iPhone.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on AirPods Pro.
  • Under Noise Control, toggle on Adaptive.
  • To enable Conversation Awareness, toggle on the switch next to Conversation Awareness.

Air Pods Mode Selection
fig. 1 - Air Pods Mode Selection - Adaptive

Apple Air Pods Audio Setting
fig. 2 - Apple Air Pods Audio Setting

Additionally, Conversation Awareness can help you to stay connected to your environment and avoid missing important announcements.

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