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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zip It

Do you need to send someone a large number of files?

You don't have to attach dozens of files into your email.

Just use the built-in Zip feature of Windows.

The Zip format is a widely used process to compress large files into a "zip" file.  The resulting file is smaller and can contain numerous files created by a variety of applications.

This was especially important before the days of high-speed internet when dial-up ruled the online world.

But zip files can still be useful to keep all files together when you send them to recipients.

There have been a number of utilities to create zip files for years.

But most people don't know that you can create zip files without these tools just by using the function built into Windows.

Here's your step-by step guide:

  • Create your email message and click Attach File.
  • Use the file selector to option to find the files you want to attach.
  • Choose all of the files you want to zip. Use the Control key to choose more than one.
  • Bring up the options window by right-clicking any of the selected files and then choose "Send To, Compressed (zipped) folder"
  • Attach your new Zip file to you e-mail.

Wasn't that easy?