Monday, April 17, 2023

How AI is Changing the Way We Work: An Example for Bing Chat AI, Excel and Data Analysis

As AI, in all of its forms, becomes more prevalent, we will all find practical examples to use these powerful tools in our professional and personal lives.

But is it all just hyperbole?

A modern day "fluff" PR stunt to promote a brand and make someone rich before it all crashes and burns?

Maybe, it's too soon to tell.

But let's look at an example with AI that's available today with Microsoft Bing Chat.

As a reminder, Bing Chat uses ChatGPT to power its AI feature.

In this case, a beginning Excel user is tasked with performing data analysis on sales data for the previous year, by quarter and by region.

Let's see what Bing Chat can do.

I asked Bing Chat to review the sales data table and provide the Microsoft Excel formulas for meaningful results.

Bing Chat Request for Sales Analysis

fig. 1  Bing Chat Request for Sales Analysis

Bing Chat returned the following:

Bing Chat Excel Sales Data Analysis
fig. 2   Bing Sales Analysis Results

Not too bad.

The formulas worked to add additional content for Totals, Averages, Minimums, Maximums and Quarter over Quarter Percentages.

Following the formula examples provided by Bing Chat, I added the formulas and the Excel table now shows these results.  

Bing Chat Excel Results
fig. 3  Excel Sales Data updated to Bing Chat AI examples.

Can more be done?

AI is designed to allow users to engage in conversations.  

I asked Bing Chat for more examples.

Bing Chat Examples - More
fig. 4   Bing 

The results provided more analysis that could be added to the data table, including Percentage of Total Sales, Year-to-date Sales, Quarter-over-quarter change, and Year-over-year change.

In this simple example, a user could get a good start on their work assignment.

A more experienced Excel user would knows these capabilities and how to use them in Excel.

But this is a good example of what is possible.

And playing further with this example would bring more depth to the analysis.

AI is improving and it will play a greater role in our professional and personal lives.

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