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Sunday, November 26, 2023

How to Easily Read Wikipedia Articles in Layman’s Terms

Have you ever found yourself lost in the complexity of Wikipedia articles? 

Do the intricate details and technical jargon leave you feeling overwhelmed? 

What if there was a way to simplify these articles with just a small tweak? 

Here's a Cool Tip.   Change the URL for a Wikipedia article to make it simpler to read.

Wikipedia's depth of information is unmatched, but its complexity can be daunting. 

This Cool Tip can make a world of difference for casual readers, students, and anyone looking to quickly grasp the basics of a subject.

Here's how to do it.
  • Open your web browser and go to any Wikipedia article of your choice.
  • Look at the URL in the address bar. 
    • It will typically start with “”.
  • Replace “en” with “simple”
  • For instance, “” becomes “”.
  • After changing the URL, press Enter to load the simplified version of the article.
This Cool Tip allows complex topics to be broken down into simpler language.

It's great for getting a basic understanding of a subject and especially helpful for non-native English speakers and younger readers.

Here's an example:

Original Article on Quantum Mechanics:

Wikipedia - Original Article on Quantum Mechanics
fig. 1 - Wikipedia - Original Article on Quantum Mechanics

Wikipedia - Simple English Article on Quantum Mechanics
fig. 2 - Wikipedia - Simple English Article on Quantum Mechanics

The simplified English version is easier to read and understand.

While not every page has a simple page, many do.

Try this Cool Tip the next time you are reading an article on Wikipedia!

That's it.


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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Knowledge: Exploring Wikipedia's List of Lists of Lists

In the vast ocean of information available on the internet, Wikipedia stands as a beacon of knowledge. 

With its comprehensive articles covering various topics, it has become an indispensable resource for many. 

However, nestled within this vast repository of information lies a Cool Tip known as the  List of Lists of Lists

This invaluable resource offers a condensed yet powerful collection of information on a wide range of subjects. 

The Wikipedia List of Lists of Lists is a curated compilation of categorized lists, providing a quick overview of information in a concise format. 

It serves as a gateway to explore and navigate through an extensive array of topics with ease. 

The value of this resource lies in its ability to save time and effort by condensing information into easily digestible formats. 

Suppose you are an aspiring writer seeking inspiration for your next novel. 

By exploring the Lists of Lists of Lists related to literature, you can uncover a plethora of possibilities. 

In the "Category:Literature" section, you will find subcategories like "Book awards," "Best-selling books," "Lists of books," and more. 

Wikipedia List of Lists of Lists
fig.1 - Wikipedia List of Lists of Lists, Literature

By delving into these lists, you can discover renowned authors, notable works, and literary milestones that can serve as a springboard for your creativity.


Cool Tech Tips for a Cooler Life!

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