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Friday, August 14, 2015

Play Pac Man Courtesy of Google

A little bored today at work?  Shhh.  Don't let the boss see.

Let Google brighten your day with this playable Google Pac Man Doodle

Google Pac Man

This Google originally came online in May of 2010. Millions of productive man hours were lost courtesy of Google's addictive game that appeared on the main screen for millions of users.

To play:

When the game starts, use the keyboard Up, Down, Left and Right keys to move Pac Man around the maze.  The objective is to remove all dots and power pellets without be caught.  Avoid the Ghosts, Blink (Red), Inky (Cyan), Pinky (Pink) and Clyde (Yellow).  Eat Power Pellets to energize and eat the ghosts.  Eat the fruit to score extra points.

Fortunately, there's a mute sound button!

For a flashback, enjoy listening to Pac Man Fever song on YouTube!


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