Monday, September 18, 2023

How to Master Split Screen in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge
Ever found yourself juggling between multiple tabs and wishing for a simpler way to view them all at once? 

Ever wondered if there’s a magic trick that could instantly organize your chaotic browser window? 

Here's a Cool Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut, Control + Shift + 2, to split the tab screen in Microsoft Edge.

Here's how to do it.
  • Open Microsoft Edge
    • Start by launching the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer.
  • Navigate to Your Desired Webpages
  • Press the Control + Shift + 2 keys together
    • This will split your current browser window into two halves, each displaying a different tab.
  • Switch Between Tabs
    • To navigate between the split screens, simply click on the tab you want to view.
  • To exit the split screen mode, press the Control + Shift + 2 keys again. 
    • This will return your browser window to its normal state.
Split Screen in Microsoft Edge
fig. 1 - Split Screen in Microsoft Edge


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