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How to Edit and Regenerate Gemini AI Responses

Take control of your AI conversations with Gemini. This Cool Tip shows you how to fine-tune responses for precision and better results.

By Rodger Mansfield, Technology Editor
March 30, 2024

Google Gemini
Have you ever wished your AI assistant could give you a slightly different answer? 

Ever read an AI-generated email draft that was almost perfect, but needed a slightly more professional tone?

Maybe you wanted a longer response, a more casual tone, or something with a slightly different focus. 

Here's a Cool Tip.  Regenerate or modify Google Gemini responses.

Here's how to do it.
  • Navigate to .
  • Enter an AI prompt and submit.
  • Highlight the specific text within the Gemini response that you want to change.
  • Click the modify icon.
  • Select from the options to "Regenerate" (rewrite that section), make the text "Shorter" or "Longer," or completely "Remove" it.
  • For even more control, type your own instructions in the "Modify with a prompt" field. For example, "Rewrite this more formally."
With this new improvement, get more precise answers, tailor the tone of responses, and iterate on ideas quickly.

Some prompts might be too complex for Gemini to understand and it also won't change responses generated by extensions or ones containing code.

Real-World Example

Imagine you ask Gemini, "Write a poem about Cool Tech Tips at

If you highlight a specific line and ask, "Make this more funny," Gemini regenerates that section.

Regenerate Gemini AI Response
fig. 1 - Regenerate Gemini AI Response

Start with small edits first – it's easier to change one line at a time, then regenerate the whole response if needed.

Be specific with your regeneration prompts. 

Instead of 'make it better', try 'make this paragraph more persuasive'.

The ability to modify and regenerate Gemini responses gives you unprecedented control over your AI interactions.  

Now, you can achieve the output you want without starting from scratch each time. 

Experiment and see how this new feature sparks your creativity!



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