Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Secret Trick to Text Photos Faster in iOS 17

Do you want to text photos faster in iOS using iMessage?

Here's a Cool Tip:  Press and Hold.

That's right.

Press and Hold the Plus sign to insert photos into your iMessage.

Plus Sign in iOS17 iMessage
fig. 1 - Plus Sign in iOS17 iMessage

Normally, when you press the Plus sign, you have several options to choose from.

For example, Camera, Photos, Stickers, etc.

Insert Options iOS 17 iMessage
fig. 2 - Insert Options iOS 17 iMessage

But, when you Press and Hold the Plus sign, you'll go directly to your photo album allowing you to select the photos you want to attach to your iMessage.

Press and Hold to Insert Photos in iOS 17
fig. 3 - Press and Hold + to Insert Photos in iOS 17

That's it!


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