Sunday, June 18, 2023

Quickly Access Your Desktop in Windows with These Simple Steps!

Windows 11
Have you ever found yourself with too many open windows and just want to quickly access your desktop? 

Do you want to know the fastest way to minimize all your windows and show your desktop? 

Look no further! 

Here's a Cool Tip to quickly and easily access your desktop in Windows using three different approaches:

1. Use the Show Desktop keyboard shortcut: 

  • Press the Windows + D keys simultaneously to show the Windows Desktop. 
  • Press the shortcut again to restore the windows you just minimized.

2. Use the Minimize All keyboard shortcut: 

  • Press Windows + M on your keyboard, and all the app windows are minimized to the taskbar at once, revealing the Desktop. 
  • To reverse the effect and bring back the minimized app windows to your Desktop, use the keyboard shortcut Windows + Shift + M.

3. Use the Show desktop button on the taskbar: 

  • Click or tap on this thin button, and you can instantly access your Desktop. 
Taskbar Show Desktop Bar
fig.1 - Taskbar Show Desktop bar
  • If you’re using a horizontal taskbar, the Show desktop button is found on the right edge of the taskbar. 
  • If your taskbar is vertical, the Show desktop sliver is located on its bottom edge.

That's it!


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