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How to Fill a Shape with a Picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint
Have you ever wanted to add a creative touch to your PowerPoint presentations? 

Do you want to learn how to make your slides more visually appealing? 

Here's a Cool Tip: Fill a shape with a picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

Here's how to do it.

  • Add a shape to your document by going to the Insert tab and selecting Shapes. Choose the shape you want and click on the slide to add it.

Microsoft PowerPoint Insert Shape
fig. 1 - Insert Shape

  • Select the shape by clicking on it.
  • Go to the Shape Format tab that displays, click on Shape Fill in the Shape Styles section of the ribbon, and choose Picture.

Microsoft PowerPoint Shape Fill - Picture
fig. 2 - Shape Fill - Picture
  • Select the type of picture you want (such as From a File or Online Pictures) and then navigate to the picture you want and insert it.
  • The image that you picked will then fill the shape.

Microsoft PowerPoint Shape Fill - Picture
fig. 3 - Shape Fill - Picture
  • You can adjust how the image is formatted within the shape using two actions: Fill or Fit.
    • Click the image within the shape and go to the Picture Format tab that appears.
    • Click the arrow below Crop in the Size section of the ribbon and choose either Fill or Fit.
    • When you “Fill” a shape with an image, this adjusts the picture size to match the shape’s height or width, whichever is greatest. 
    • When you “Fit” a shape with an image, this adjusts the picture size so that both the height and width match the shape.
That's it!

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