Friday, March 3, 2023

Unleash Your Inner Dino!

Google Chrome Dino
Isn't it a pain when you try to Google but find you don't have an Internet connection?

Google has long tried to make this pain a bit more fun with a simple Dino game in the style of the popular Flappy Bird game that was viral hit mobile game in 2013.

Here's the Friday Funday Cool Tip:

You can play the Google Chrome Dino game anytime, even when you have an internet connection.

Here's how:

  • Enter chrome://dino/ into the Google Chrome browser.  
  • Press the space bar to play.  
  • To make the Dino jump, press the space bar.  Don't hit the many obstacles!
  • When playing on mobile, tap the screen to make the Dino jump!

Google Chrome Dino Game
Play Google Chrome Dino Game

Enjoy your Fun Friday!

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