Wednesday, March 22, 2023

How to Turn Off Clean Energy Charging on an iPhone

Slow Charging iPhone
Is your iPhone slow to charge?  

It might be due to a quietly introduced new iPhone feature: Clean Energy Charging.

The clean energy charging feature, introduced in iOS 16.1, is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of your iPhone by charging it when the power grid is using clean energy sources. 

But that can mean that your iPhone doesn't charge as fast as it can.

Instead of waking up to a fully charged iPhone, you might see a message that charging will be completed later.

If you want to turn this new "feature" off, here's how to do it:

How to turn off Clean Energy Charging
  • Go to your Settings app
  • Select Battery
  • Tap Battery Health & Charging 
  • Toggle off Clean Energy Charging 
iPhone Clean Energy Charging
iPhone Clean Energy Charging Can Be Toggled Off

That's it.  

Your iPhone will be back to charging normally.

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