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How to Write Better with Windows 11 Notepad’s New Character Count Feature

Have you ever wondered how many characters are in your text file? 

How about the number of words, lines, or paragraphs? 

If you are a writer, a student, a programmer, or anyone who works with text files, you might find these statistics useful for various purposes. 

For example, you might want to check the length of your tweet, your essay, your code, or your email. 

Or you might want to analyze the readability, the complexity, or the style of your writing.

Here's a Cool Tip.  Use the new Windows 11 Notepad character count feature.

Windows 11 Notepad, the simple and handy text editor that comes with every Windows operating system, has a new built-in feature that can help you with that. 

Available in version 11.2311.29.0 and greater, it is called the Character Count feature, and it can show you the number of characters, words, lines, and paragraphs in your text file with just a few clicks. 

Windows 11 Notepad - Character Count
fig. 1 - Windows 11 Notepad - Character Count

How to Use the Character Count Feature in Windows 11 Notepad
  • Open Windows 11 Notepad by clicking on the Start menu and typing “Notepad” in the search box. 
    • Alternatively, you can press the Windows key + R and type “notepad” in the Run dialog box.
  • Create a new text file or open an existing one by clicking on the File menu and choosing New or Open.
  • Type or paste your text in the Notepad window
  • Edit, format, or save your text as usual.
  • When text is selected, the status bar shows the character count for both the selected text and the entire document. 
  • When no text is selected, the character count for the entire document is displayed, ensuring you always have a clear view of your document’s length.

The Character Count feature in Windows 11 Notepad is a useful tool for anyone who works with text files. 

Ready to write better with Windows 11 Notepad’s Character Count feature? 

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