Thursday, February 15, 2024

Boost Google Chrome Productivity with Direct Links to Highlighted Text

Tired of sending long links with vague instructions like "scroll down to the third paragraph"? 

Are you ready to upgrade your online communication to boost productivity? 

Here's a Cool Tip.  Use  Google Chrome's 'Copy Link to Highlight' feature.

Google Chrome's "Copy Link to Highlight" feature streamlines your communication for greater efficiency

This feature generates a specialized link that automatically directs the recipient to a specific text selection on a webpage.

Say goodbye to the "check the middle of the page" directions and hello to effortless sharing of specific text passages. 

Here's how to do it.
  1. Navigate to the webpage containing the text you want to share.
  2. Highlight the specific sentence or portion of text with your cursor.
  3. Right-click on the highlighted area.
  4. Select the "Copy Link to Highlight" option from the context menu.
  5. Paste this special link into emails, chats, or documents.

Google Chrome Copy Link to Highlight
fig. 1 - Google Chrome Copy Link to Highlight

This feature directs others to the exact information you want to highlight and reduces unnecessary scrolling and confusion.

It is ideal for sharing notes, research, and project feedback.

 The feature might not function perfectly on all websites and it may have trouble consistently capturing elements like complex equations or embedded media within highlights.

The 'Copy Link to Highlight' feature in Google Chrome offers a small but impactful way to enhance your web communication. 

Now that you know the secret, save yourself and others the hassle of vague references. 

Give it a try and enjoy the newfound precision!

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