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Missing Your ‘Show Desktop’ Button? Here’s How to Get It Back in Windows 11!

Effortlessly reset your taskbar and bring back the ‘Show Desktop’ icon with our straightforward Cool Tip, tailored for both newcomers and seasoned Windows 11 users.

By Rodger Mansfield, Editor
March 6, 2024

Have you ever noticed how a small change can throw off your entire routine? 

Are you missing the ‘Show Desktop’ icon after the latest Windows 11 update?

Want to know how to get it back and why it matters?

Here is a Cool Tip.  Reset the Show Desktop option.

The 2024-02 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 11 Version 23H2, identified as KB5034848, changed Taskbar and the System Tray functionality.

The update moves the Copilot icon to the far right side of the system tray, and turns off by default the ‘Show Desktop’ feature at the taskbar’s rightmost corner.

The “Show Desktop” option is a feature in Windows operating systems that allows users to quickly minimize all open windows and view the desktop with a single click or gesture. 

This feature is typically represented by a small button or area at the far right of the taskbar. 

When activated, it minimizes all open applications, providing immediate access to the desktop where files, folders, and shortcuts are located. 

It’s a convenient way to clear the screen without closing any programs, allowing for easy access to desktop items or simply a clean workspace.

Want to re-add the Show Desktop option?

Here is how to do it.
  • Open ‘Settings’ via the Start menu or by pressing Win + I.
  • Navigate to ‘Personalization’ and select ‘Taskbar’.
  • In the ‘Taskbar behaviors’ section, find and enable the option ‘Show desktop on the far right’.
Taskbar Setting to Show Desktop
fig. 1 - Taskbar Setting to Show Desktop

To show the desktop, just click in the taskbar space on the far right.
fig. 2 - Click in This Space to Show Desktop

Unfortunately, when the Show Desktop is turned on, the Copilot icon disappears.

To invoke Copilot, press WIN + C as a keyboard shortcut.

Copilot can also be disabled from the taskbar by right-clicking, selecting "Taskbar settings," and toggling off Copilot (preview).

Turn Off Copilot from Taskbar
fig. 3 - Turn Off Copilot from Taskbar

Quick desktop access improves multitasking and is a familiar tool for long-time Windows users.

With these simple steps, you can reclaim the ‘Show Desktop’ icon and maintain your productivity. Embrace the new while preserving the familiar with Windows 11’s latest update.

This update is slowly rolling out to all Windows 11 users so you'll see these changes in the coming weeks.


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