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How to Use Chrome's 'Send to Your Devices' for Seamless Browsing

Discover the power of Chrome's "Send to Your Devices" feature, a game-changer for streamlining your web browsing experience across multiple devices.

By Rodger Mansfield, Technology Editor
March 19, 2024

Do you ever find yourself emailing links back and forth between your phone, laptop, or tablet? 

Is keeping track of interesting articles across devices turning into a chore? 

Here's a Cool Tip.  Use Google Chrome's "Send To Your Device" feature.

Google Chrome's "Send to Your Devices" feature offers a convenient and intuitive solution, allowing you to effortlessly transfer web pages with just a few clicks.

Here's how to do it.
  1. Ensure you're signed into the same Google Account on all the devices you want to use with this feature.
  2. Navigate to the web page you wish to share.
  3. There are three ways to share a page:
    1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome, then select "Save and Share" and "Send to your devices".
    2. On a PC, right-click the page tab and select "Send to your devices".
    3. On a mobile device, select the send icon (page with up arrow)to the right in the address bar, then select "Send to your devices".
  4. Select the target device from the list.
  5. A notification will appear on the chosen device. Tap it to open the shared page.
Chrome Send To Your Devices
fig. 1 - Chrome Send To Your Devices

This is a lightning-fast way to transfer pages between devices. 

And there's no need to fumble with emails or copy/paste links.

Chrome's "Send to Your Devices" feature is a hidden gem that can significantly improve your browsing efficiency:
  • Lightning-fast transfer: Quickly switch devices without losing your place.
  • Seamless workflow: Ideal for reading long articles or switching between devices for tasks like shopping.
  • Reduced clutter: Avoid a messy inbox by skipping the emailing of links.

Embrace this feature now to create a more fluid and convenient browsing experience across all your devices – give it a try today!


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