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Witness Time Unfold: Your Guide to Google Earth Timelapse

Ready to see the world change before your eyes? Discover Google Earth Timelapse, a powerful tool for visualizing decades of planetary transformation.

By Rodger Mansfield, Editor
March 1, 2024

Google Earth
Has the glacier in your favorite national park retreated? 

Did that new city district seemingly sprout overnight? 

Here's a Friday Funday Cool Tip.  Use Google Earth Timelapse.

Google Earth Timelapse allows you to rewind or fast-forward time. 

Get ready to see the Earth evolve at your fingertips!

A feature within Google Earth showcasing 37 years of global satellite imagery in mesmerizing timelapse format.

It visualizes changes to the Earth's surface, allowing you to explore natural and human-made transformations with ease.

Friday Funday

Imagine watching the Amazon rainforest shrink over decades, or a coastal city explode outwards – all within seconds:
  • Climate change effects (glacial retreat, coastline change)
  • Urban development (city growth)
  • Natural events (impact of forest fires or floods)

That's the power of Google Earth Timelapse

Here's how to use it.
  1. Navigate to:
  2. Type a location in the search bar or explore featured locations on the map.
  3. Launch the timelapse and Google Earth will zoom in and start the timelapse sequence.
  4. Use the play/pause buttons and the timeline slider to control the speed or jump to specific years.

Google Earth Timelapse - Columbia Glacier Retreat

fig. 1 - Google Earth Timelapse - Columbia Glacier Retreat

Google Earth Timelapse provides a fascinating and accessible way to experience the dynamic nature of our planet. 

Embrace this tool to learn, understand, and be inspired by the changes shaping our world.

Ready to see the world change before your eyes? 

Visit Google Earth Timelapse now and start exploring!


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