Thursday, August 10, 2023

Bing Chat AI now available on Chrome

Bing Chat
Have you ever wanted to use Bing Chat AI but didn’t want to switch to using Microsoft's Edge browser?

Or on a mobile device, you would have to use the Bing app? 

Here's a Cool Tip:  Bing Chat is now available using Chrome.

Bing Chat is a conversational AI chatbot feature for Bing's search engine. 

It launched in February 2023 and allows users to interact with an AI chatbot instead of typing search queries. 

Microsoft has recently announced that its AI-powered Bing Chat is now available on other browsers such as Chrome.

This means that you can now use Bing Chat AI on your preferred browser, without having to switch to Microsoft Edge or download a separate app.

Bing Chat has been available in separate Android and iOS mobile apps since late February,

Bing Chat Ai Chrome

fig. 1 - Bing Chat AI Chrome

Here's how to use Bing Chat in Chrome: 

  • Open Chrome
  • Go to
  • Click the Chat icon near the top-left of the web page
  • Type out your question or prompt and send it
  • Wait for a response, then respond in turn if desired 

This new feature is rolling out to users and platforms over the coming weeks.

While you can use Bing Chat AI on your preferred platform, the best service will be provided on Microsoft Edge. 

For instance, Chrome’s Bing supports five messages per conversation versus the 30 in Microsoft Edge. 

And Bing in Chrome has a character limit of 2,000, while Edge supports 4,0002.

That's it.

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