Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Wine Rookie Plays a Wine Guessing Game with ChatGPT

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What happens when a wine connoisseur meets ChatGPT?

They play a wine guessing game, of course.

Noted wine expert Paul, The Wine Rookie, recently did just that.

Paul told ChatGPT that he wanted to a play a wine guessing game.

The object of the game was for ChatGPT to identify the wine just by Paul's tasting notes.

How do you think this turned out?

Let's watch.


Source: The Wine Rookie

Paul gave ChatGPT his tasting notes that included telling it that the wine was red, with ruby near the edges, had notes of red plums, cherries, strawberries, hibiscus, licorice, leather and no oak at all.  

Paul also told ChatGPT that the wine had aromas of black tea, cream, cocoa and fresh ground rainbow pepper.

ChatGPT took an initial guess of a Pinot Noir.

But Paul then told ChatGPT that it was not a Pinot Noir.

ChatGPT then correctly guessed the wine as a Syrah and Grenache blend.

Score one for ChatGPT.

This is certainly an interesting use of AI.  

The Wine Rookie plans to do more wine-rated ChatGPT videos.

Check out The Wine Rookie's site.  You can also find him on Facebook The Wine Rookie.


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