Sunday, October 4, 2015

ICYMI: One Cool Tip Show, WiFi Assist in iOS9, Google Keep, Taco Bell, Facebook, Where's My Laptop?, Edge and Coolest Tips in September 2015

ICYMI: One Cool Tip
Every week brings thousands of more visitors and page views to One Cool Tip.  But it can be easy to miss one.

So let's take a quick look at this past week's Cool Tips:

The One Cool Tip Show - October 4, 2015
Check out this week's episode: One Cool Tip Show, "Be Prepared.  Don't Be Surprised" - October 4, 2015, S1E11    Under 20 minutes, this informative weekly tech news and tip show shares the coolest news and tips.  Besides being available here on One Cool Tip, it is also available on Tunein Radio, PlayerFMPodomatic, Stitcher Radio and Apple's iTunes.

Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9 To Avoid a Nasty Surprise
Avoid a nasty data overcharge on your next iPhone bill by turning off this new feature.  Wi-Fi Assist helps users by switching to cellular service when a Wi-Fi connection is slow.  But that can prove a nasty surprise if you are streaming Netflix or Hulu.  There's no warning when it happens.  Until you get your next bill.  Learn how to turn off this new feature.

Google Keep App Now Available for iPhones and iPads
Google's not service, Keep, is now available for the iPhone and iPad.  It's been available on the web and as an Android app for over 2 years.  Learn more about the cool service as it comes to Apple devices.

Taco Bell Unveils New Website and URL for Online Orders
Taco Bell has a new online ordering website and name.  It's cool.  Learn how you can order online and even customize your next Taco Bell order.  

Protect Your Privacy by Remotely Logging Out of Facebook
Protect your privacy by logging out of Facebook when on a shared or public computer.  With this cool tip, you can learn how to do this from another computer or mobile device.  Don't let someone else have access to your online Facebook life.

Where's My Laptop?  Be Prepared Before Your Laptop is Lost or Stolen
Waiting until your laptop is stolen is too late to protect it.  Learn how you can install Theft Recover software on to your laptop.  It's a "must have" tool every laptop user should know about.

How to Set Your Start Page in Microsoft Edge
Are you using the new Edge browser?  You can change the start page.  Learn how you can customize your Edge experience in the new Microsoft Windows 10.

Take a look at the coolest tips in September 2015.  Tip topics include Google Gmail, Apple iOS9, Dropbox, Google Docs and Microsoft Excel.
Cool Tech Tips for a Cooler Life!

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