Thursday, October 1, 2015

Coolest Tips in September 2015

Coolest Tips This Month - One Cool Tip
We had super cool tips in September.  

It's great to see so many of them go viral.

These included tips for Gmail, iOS9, Dropbox, Google Docs and Microsoft Excel.

Check them out!

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September 2015 Coolest Tips

Try These Two Gmail Address Hacks
Two clever Gmail address hacks let you mark your emails.  If you give these emails out, you can see when you get unsolicited emails if they came from a particular source.  Learn how you can do it too.

Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9 To Avoid a Nasty Surprise
Avoid a nasty data overcharge on your next iPhone bill by turning off this new feature.  Wi-Fi Assist helps users by switching to cellular service when a Wi-Fi connection is slow.  But that can prove a nasty surprise if you are streaming Netflix or Hulu.  There's no warning when it happens.  Until you get your next bill.  Learn how to turn off this new feature.

Request Large Files with Dropbox
Sending large emails is a frustrating thing to do.   Usually, large files get blocked from being sent or being received.  There have been a number of subscription services that charge a hefty fee to work around this.  But now Dropbox offers a clever solution.  Learn how you can use this cool tip.

Dictate is Google Docs with Voice Typing
Let the power of Google do your typing for you.  With Google Docs' new Voice Typing tool, you can.  Simply speak and your words will be typed into your Google Docs doc.  How easy is that? 

Select an Entire Excel Spreadsheet
Don't waste your time clicking and dragging to select an Excel spreadsheet.  Learn the quick tip to select and entire spreadsheet.
Cool Tech Tips for a Cooler Life!

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