Monday, October 12, 2015

Use These Two Google Search Tips for Links and Related Sites

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Google is a powerful search site.  It's even more powerful when you know some cool tips to get the most out of using the site.

These two Cool Tips are good for discovering sites that link to a site or specific page and discovering sites that are related to a specific site.

1. Find Sites that Link to a Site or Page

For example,

Google Search Link:

The search results returns pages within Google's database that link to this site.  You can use the domain name or use the full URL for a page.

2.  Find Sites That are Similar to a Site

You'll find this to be a great search tip when using Google.  Enter the domain name of a site and Google will return other sites that are similar.  Use this when you want to discover other websites that provide similar information, products or services.

For example,

Google Search Related


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