Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Use Two Google Accounts Simultaneously

Many internet users have more than one email account.

Over time, we've collected Gmail, YAHOO, Hotmail and maybe even still have an AOL email.

It's not a problem to be logged in to two different services at the same time using two browser tabs, for example, Google and YAHOO.

But it's a problem when using more than one services at a time, for example, two Google email accounts.  

Logging in to Google more than once in a browser doesn't work since Google uses cookies to keep you logged into the various Google services like search, YouTube and Gmail.

But there is an easy solution.

Open the second account in a new tab using the browser's Incognito mode.  

In the Chrome browser, it's in the menu options in the top right.  Or just use  Ctrl + Shift + N.

New Incognito Window - One Cool Tip

With Microsoft Edge browser, open a new InPrivate window.


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