Friday, October 9, 2015

Running Out of Gas? Let Waze Show You the Best Prices

All hail the mighty power of Waze.

We've told you how the Waze app can help you navigate your next drive by avoiding congestion, police and road hazards.

But it's also a great way to find the best gas prices too.

You can find the closest stations to you as well as brands and current prices.

Waze Gas Prices

Here's how to do it.   On the Android and iOS mobile apps:

-  Open the Waze app.
- Tap the Where to? search at the bottom of the screen.
- Tap on Gas
- View nearby gas stations and prices.  You'll see the gas brand names and current prices as well as the distance to the station.
- Tap Go to navigate to the gas station.

So how does Waze know the prices?  Through the power of Wazers.

You can report gas prices whenever you are near a station.

Waze Gas Price Reporting

To report gas prices, you'll need to be physically within .3 of a mile of the station and have at least Baby Waze status.

- Tap the Report icon.
- Tap on Gas Prices
- Tap the gas station you are updating
- Tap the current prices and then enter the updated price.
- Tap Send

And that's it.  Your update helps other Wazers make better buying decisions.


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