Sunday, October 18, 2015

ICYMI: Google Links, Speaker Phone, Send text via Email, Download Facebook Data, Wi-Fi Assist Update and How to Read WSJ Articles for Free

ICYMI In Case You Missed It - One Cool Tip
A great week of Cool Tips here on One Cool Tip. Did you catch them all this week?  Don't worry, here are links to them all.

One Cool Tip Show, October 18, 2015
Listen to the latest episode of the show.  News includes the recent court decision regarding Google book scanning and Playboy's decision to go Safe for Work.  Plus a recap of cool tech tips.

Use These Two Google Search Tips for Links and Related Sites 
Learn more about these two Google searches that will help you find sites that link to a site as well as being similar.

How to Make a Hands-Free Phone Call with the Speaker Enabled 
Learn how you can go hands-free and enable the speakerphone on your next cell phone call.

How to Send an Email as a Text to a Cell Phone 
Learn how you can send a text to a mobile phone via text.

How to Download Your Facebook Data 
Learn how to download an archive of your Facebook data including photos, videos and posts.

Update: Apple Responds to the "Wi-Fi Assist" iOS9 Controversy 
Don;t be surprised by an expensive cell phone bill caused by iOS9's Wi-Fi Assist.  Learn what Apple now says about the feature.

How to Read Wall Street Journal Articles for Free
We all like Free.  Learn this cool tip how to read Wall Street Journal articles for free.

And finally, learn about and her blog post about One Cool Tip.
Cool Tech Tips for a Cooler Life!

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