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How To Use Google Multisearch To Revolutionize Search

Google Search Mobile App
Remember the days of endless text-based searches that left you drowning in irrelevant results? 

Enter the era of the new Google Multisearch, a game-changer that throws open the doors to a whole new world of information discovery. 

Gone are the days of struggling to articulate your questions in perfect keyword form. 

First introduced in 2022, Multisearch is now enhanced with AI technology.

Now when you point your camera (or upload a photo or screenshot) and ask a question using the Google app, the new Multisearch experience shows results with AI-powered insights that go beyond just visual matches. 

This gives you the ability to ask more complex or nuanced questions about what you see, and quickly find and understand key information.

Here's how to do it.
  • Open the Google mobile app.
  • Tap the camera icon in the search bar.
  • Take a picture of the object, landmark, or anything you want to learn about.
Google Multisearch Picture
fig. 1 - Google Multisearch Picture

  • If needed, add a text query to further refine your search. 
  • For example, if you took a picture of a bottle of hot sauce, type "how can I use?"
  • Google presents results based on the image and additional query, including text descriptions, websites, similar images, and even shopping options.

Google Multisearch Results
fig. 2 - Google Multisearch Results

With the new AI-powered overview, you can dig deeper with supporting links and get all the details.

This innovative technology allows us to interact with information in a more natural and intuitive way, breaking down the barriers between what we see and what we know. 

So, embrace the power of Google Multisearch and open your mind to a world of discovery where pictures truly are worth a thousand words!

Have you tried it yet?

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