Sunday, January 22, 2023

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It - Cool Tech Tips for the Week 1/22/23

What a great week of Cool Tips here at

Check out these cool tips this week:

How to Open a New Window View in Microsoft Excel 

Are your Microsoft Excel documents so large that you can't see what happens when you change data?

#Microsoft #Excel #NewWindow 

How to Use Alexa on a Windows PC

Do you need Alexa when you are away from your Alexa device?

#Microsoft #Alexa #Windows

Discover the Secret to Finding Where Any Movie or Show is Streaming Online 

With so many streaming sites now available, how can you find where your favorite movie or TV shows are available?  But how can you find which site has the movie or show you are looking to watch?


How to Transform Your TV into a Digital Art Gallery 

Are you missing great art from your house?  

Here's a Cool Tip for bringing beautiful digital artwork into your living room.

#art #digitalart

How to Build Digital Sand Art 

Remember making those multi-colored sand in the bottle crafts when you were young?

Relive the fun of your youth with this Friday Funday Cool Tip.


Use This Secret Windows Shortcut to Add Emojis to Your Documents and Messages 

Do you emoji?

If you use Windows 10 or 11, you'll like this Cool Tip to add emojis to your emails, word documents and other Windows applications.

#emoji #windows 

Annoyed by your partner's ringing and/or vibrating phone alarm?

Are they already up and getting ready but their phone alarm continues to ring?

And the phone is waaaay over on the other side of the bed?

There's a shockingly simple way to turn it off without having to touch the phone.

#phone #alarm 


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