Thursday, January 26, 2023

How to Find Out if an Online Service is Down

Is the cloud service down?  

System Down
Is it them or is it you? 

That is the real question in today's modern world.

With so much of our lives dependent on the online services we use every day, we often have to troubleshoot when we can't access services.

How do we survive when Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, or Microsoft can't be used?

Is it their service that is down?  Or is it your PC or phone?  Or the WiFi?  Or the broadband service?

Before you start rebooting or restarting an application, there are several places you can check first.

Here's how to do it.

  • First check out the amazing Downdetector service.  Downdetector is powered by user reports and online indicators for thousands of services in dozens of countries.  Make it your first stop.
Downdetector Microsoft 365

  • A Google News Search for <service name> outage can also let you know if there is a widespread service disruption.

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