Monday, November 30, 2015

Coolest Tips - November 2015

One Cool Tip -
November has been a great month of Cool Tips.  

Top tips include the Chrome browser, God Mode in Windows 10, Microsoft Excel and Google search.

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Cool Tech Tips for November 2015

1. How to Open a Link in a New Tab Window

Learn this quick cool tip to open a link in a new tab window in your browser.  This will keep your existing page in its own tab for continued use.

Do you have Windows 10?   If so, you need to use this cool tip to invoke God Mode.  God Mode gives you a powerful new settings windows to make Windows 10 the way you want it.

3. Let Excel Recommend the Best Chart

If you use Microsoft Excel, let Excel choose the best chart for your data.  Learn this cool tip to make the best charts that matches your data.

Are you hunting the customer service phone number for a company?  Google can help.  learn this cool tip to get that number fast!

Have you seen the ads in your Windows 10 Start menu?  Learn this cool tip to disable this feature.

Cool Tech Tips for a Cooler Life!

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