Friday, November 20, 2015

Search Sites with DuckDuckGo !Bangs

DuckDuckGo is a terrific search site.

Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo protects users privacy while providing quality search results.

One very cool feature of the site is the ability to search other sites, especially e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

These searches, called !Bangs, are available for thousands of sites.

Here's how to search using !Bangs.

- from the DuckDuckGo main page, enter "!Amazon Shirts" (without the "s)
- The results be return search results directly from the Amazon site

Amazon Shirt Search using DuckDuckGo !Bang

Besides Amazon, !Bang searches are available for thousands of sites in a variety of categories.  These include Entertainment, Shopping, News and Tech.  Site searches include The Washington Post, Wikipedia, Bed Bath and Beyond and many more.

More information on !Bangs is available HERE.

Check out DuckDuckGo and !Bangs for your next web search.


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