Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dell's Terrible Horrible No Good Security Flaws

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Dell Inc. has a major technical and PR crisis on its hands.  

Many Dell PCs have two applications installed that can be used by hackers to compromise the security of the PC.  

The two programs were used by Dell to assist in technical support of the PC.

The good news is that Dell has a solution for the problem.  Dell is  automatically pushing the fix out to the PCs using the "Dell Update" program that launches at startup.  You can check that you are up-to-date by clicking the Dell Update icon in the task bar near the clock 
One Cool Tip -

That's the easiest fix for the issue.  If your Dell Update hasn't been updated, right mouse-click on the Dell Update application icon and select "Check for Updates" while you are online.

If you are more adventurous, you can also download the patch directly from Dell or even use the manual instructions for removing the affected security certificates from your PC.  More information is available from Dell's support page:

You can learn more about the issue from these news sites:

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