Monday, December 25, 2023

May the Force Be with Your Christmas Cheer: How to Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special

Merry Tech-Mas -
Remember the days when Christmas meant Wookiee carolers, Chewbacca sporting a Santa hat, and Harrison Ford rocking a fur-lined vest? 

And who can forget Life Day?

Or the very time Boba Fett appeared in Star Wars?

Here's a Cool Tip.  Watch the Star Wars Holiday special.

Yes, we're talking about the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, a TV movie so bizarre it's practically become legend. 

Buckle up, rebels, because we're diving into how to watch this galactic oddity on YouTube!

Here's how to watch it.

Star Wars Holiday Special

The special is, well, a special experience. 

Expect cheesy dialogue, awkward musical numbers featuring Bea Arthur and Harvey Korman, and a storyline that makes even the Ewoks question their life choices.


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