Thursday, July 6, 2023

Revolutionize Your File Management with Windows 11’s New File Explorer Tab Feature

Microsoft Windows 11
Are you tired of cluttered desktops and multiple File Explorer windows? 

Do you want to streamline your file management process? 

Here's a Cool Tip: Windows 11’s new File Explorer tab feature!

File Explorer in Windows 11 is a tool that helps you manage your files and folders quickly and easily. 

You can open it by selecting it on the taskbar or the Start menu, or by pressing the Windows logo key + E on your keyboard.

With this new Cool Tip feature, you can open multiple folders or drives in a single window, similar to web browsers. 

Windows 11 File Explorer with Tabs
fig.1 - Windows 11 File Explorer with Tabs

Here’s how to create a new tab:

  • Open File Explorer
    • It's usually on the Taskbar for easy reference

  • Click the + icon in the top bar to open a new Explorer tab.
  • Right-click a folder and select Open in New Tab.
  • Or, press Ctrl + T to open a new tab .

You now have two tabs to review files.  


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