Saturday, February 18, 2023

Stop Taking Boring Photos! Learn How to Use iPhone Panorama Mode and Reverse Direction to Capture Jaw-Dropping Shots!

The iPhone's panoramic mode is a great feature that lets you capture wide and expansive vistas in a single shot. 

It's especially useful for landscapes, cityscapes, or any other scenes that require a wider field of view. 

Here's how to use the iPhone panoramic mode and how to reverse direction.

  • Open the Camera App.
  • Choose Pano mode.
  • Tap the Shutter button, the big white circle.
  • While keeping the white arrow on the center line, pan slowly in the direction of the arrow. 
  • Tap the Shutter button again to finish.
iPhone Panorama Mode

Here's the real Cool Tip:

  • Tap the arrow to reverse the arrow direction.  
  • Pan in the opposite direction. 
  • To pan vertically, rotate iPhone to landscape orientation. 
  • You can reverse the direction of a vertical pan, too.

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