Friday, September 4, 2015

Track Real Time Flight Status with FlightRadar24

The world aviation industry is amazing.  Thousands of flights around the world every day take off and land every day.

Air Traffic Control centers around the world keep track of these flights.

How can you see this information?

We've already told you the very cool Siri trick to find out about airplanes above you.

A great way to see this visually is to use the FlightRadar24 service.

FlightRadar24 - One Cool Tip

The website is available at .

You can search for airports or drag the map screen around to watch flights represented by airplanes on the screen.

Click on a plane and information regarding the flight will display.

FlightRadar24 - One Cool Tip

Key info such as a airlines, flight number, departure airport, arrive airport, scheduled and actual departure time, scheduled and estimated arrival time, aircraft maker and type, registration, altitude, speed, and location are provided.

FlightRadar24 is also available for a number of mobile devices, including:


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