Thursday, September 3, 2015

Open Task Manager FAST With this Quick Trick

Windows 10
Do you have a program that is non-responding in Windows?

The Task Manager app is the best tool to exit a non-responding program.  The Task Manager displays programs, processes and services that are currently running on your computer.  You can use Task Manager to check your PC's performance too.  And...close down an application that has frozen.

We've all usually opened the Task Manager by using the ALT-CTRL+DELETE (the three finger Windows salute!) to get to the security screen and then choosing the Task Manager option.

There is a much faster way.

Press and hold   CTRL + SHIFT + ESC

Windows Task Manager -

That will launch the Task Manager.

How to Close an Application that is Not Responding

And what about that pesky frozen application?  Click on the desired application (status should say "Not Responding") on the Processes tab, right mouse-click and then select "End Task".


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