Sunday, September 20, 2015

Google's Best Mobile Photo Editor You Probably Don't Know About - Throw Back Tip

Throw Back Tip - One Cool Tip -
Here's a Throw Back tip that every smart phone user should know about.  Google has a terrific mobile photo editor app called Snapseed.

Check out this cool tip from June 2015:

Snapseed - Google's Best Photo App You Don't Know About

With the rapid use of smart phones, millions of people around the world now take photos every day.  With newer phones capable of greater quality photos, users can take near-professional photos on their phone cameras. Many professionals even take their professional photos on mobile devices.  But not every photo is picture-quality and ready to share.

So how can you make edits to you photos without exporting them to a PC?  Fortunately, most phones offer some built-in editing capabilities, like cropping and auto-tune. And there are dozens of great photo editing apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

But which one is best?

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