Monday, September 7, 2015

Dictate in Google Docs with Voice Typing

Google Docs
Do you ever get tired of typing a document?

Let the power of Google do it for you.

Google Docs, the online word processing software, just got a whole lot better with the ability to dictate a word processing document.

The new feature is "Voice Typing" and requires Google's Chrome browser.

To dictate, enable Voice Typing in the Tools menu.

Google Docs Voice Typing

While dictating, you can stop and use the keyboard or mouse to correct an error.  Just insert the cursor where you want to restart and resume speaking to continue to voice type.

Key phrases and commands can be used to to create punctuation: "Period" "Comma" "Exclamation point" "Question mark" "New line" and "New paragraph"

Google Docs can be downloaded to Microsoft Word format for future editing.

Google Docs is available at

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