Monday, July 13, 2015

ICYMI: Where's My iPhone?, Musical Sleep Timer, Waze Calendar Integration, Where's My Android? and Testing Internet Speed

ICYMI In case you missed it
Another great week of Cool Tips here at One Cool  Check out these great tips from last week:

Where's My iPhone?
Losing a phone can be very frustrating.  learn how to find a lost iPhone

How To Set Up a Sleep Timer on Your Phone
Do you like to go to sleep listening to music?  Learn how to set a musical sleep timer on your phone.

Waze Knows Where You are Going
Wouldn't it be nice if your GPS app knew where you wanted to go?  Waze now integrates with your phone's calendar.  Learn how to set up this feature.

Where's My Android?
Lost your Android phone?  Learn how to find it.

Test Your Internet Speed
Are you getting what you pay for with your Internet speed?  Learn how you can test your connection.


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