Sunday, July 26, 2015

ICYMI: Clear YouTube Search History, Using other E-Mail Apps, Prioritize Your Facebook News Feed, Search Instagram on the Web, Learn How to Check if the Internet is Down, and Make Your Dinner Reservations Online

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Another great week of Cool Tips.

Privacy is important so learn how to clear your YouTube search history.  The default mail app loaded on your smart phone may not be the most useful to access your email.  Learn how to prioritize your Facebook News Feed so you can see what you want and not see what you don't!  Learn how to search Instagram on the web for great photos.  And finally, learn how to avoid waiting in line at your favorite restaurant by making your reservation online.

Check these out these Cool Tips In Case You Missed It!

Clear Your YouTube Search History
We've told you that Google and other major web sites know a lot about you.  Where you go and what pages you click.  Today's Cool Tip is to see your YouTube history and clear it if you choose.

Default E-Mail App Isn't Always Your Friend 
The default email apps that are preloaded on the iPhone and Android devices aren't always the best solution.  Especially if you are using a major service like Gmail or Yahoo.  Learn how other e-mail apps can help you be more effective on your smart phone.

Prioritize Your Facebook News Feed
Why don't I see posts from my favorite friends in my Facebook News Feed?  Learn how to select which friend's posts you want to see first.

Search Instagram on the Web
Instagram updated its website to allow users to search the site similar to its mobile apps.  Learn how to search Instagram via the web.

Is the Internet Down?
Is your favorite web service offline?  Or is it just you?  Learn how to find out.

Make Your Dinner Reservations Online
Making reservations is often a nerve racking experience.  Are there times available?  Why can't anyone spell my last name correctly?


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