Thursday, July 9, 2015

Waze Knows Where You Are Going

Waze app inon
Do you know where you are going?

We've shared a Cool Tip about the great driving app Waze here already.

But here's another Cool Tip.

Waze can get you directions to your destination based upon your iPhone or Android calendar.

This calendar integration means that you don't have to retype your destinations into the driving app.

Just put the destination into the "location" field in your calendar app when you are setting up an appointment or a meeting.

Waze Calendar integration

When you access Waze, the location will be available to confirm.  You'll need to allow Waze to access you mobile calendar when you access Waze.  You can also ensure that your "Calendar Sync" is turned on by visiting your Waze settings under "Calendar Events".



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