Thursday, July 2, 2015

Microsoft Word's Magical Lorem Ipsum Generator

Microsoft Word
In publishing and graphical design, "lorem ipsum" is random Latin text used to fill a page.

It is used by designers as a tool to show others how a page layout design will look.

But why random Latin words?

This filler text allows the viewer to focus on the graphical elements and overall page layout rather than focusing on the actual words.

How can you generate your own lorem ipsum if you are mocking up a document, web page or presentation for review?

Fortunately, Microsoft Word has a built-in lorem ipsum text generator with a simple command:

Where "p" is the number of paragraphs to generate and "l" is the number of lines for each paragraph.

To generate lorem ipsum, just enter the formula in a document and press the "enter" key, for example, =lorem(5,6)
lorem ipsum

That's it!

Text can also be copied and used in other programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint to do the same thing.

Lorem ipsum is derived from the the Latin dolorem ipsum, "pain itself".  The text is usually scrambled text from a text by Cicero, De finibus bonorum et malorum.

If you would like English words rather than Latin, replace "lorem" with "Rand" and random Microsoft Office help text will be generated and displayed in the MS Word document.



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