Thursday, July 23, 2015

Prioritize Your Facebook News Feed

Why don't I see posts from my favorite friends in my Facebook News Feed?

Because the Facebook computer doesn't really know how to prioritize your News Feeds to show you posts you want to see.  

For years, a formula was developed and tweaked that assumed that you'd want to see posts from friends based upon actions such as commenting and liking each other's posts.

But that arbitrary assumption meant that we missed important updates from people we really wanted to stay up-to-date with.

Fortunately, Facebook has made an important change this month to fix this problem. 

You can know prioritize friends to see their posts First in your News Feed.  It is also easier to unfollow friends.

There are two ways to prioritize your Facebook friends to see their posts first:

1.  Profile - Go to the friend's profile and click the "Following" dropdown in the top profile header.

Facebook Following Options

By default, all friends are set to Default and you'll see posts as usual.  But to prioritize, you can select "See First" to see this friend's posts at the top of your News Feed.

You can also choose to "Unfollow" a friend.  You'll still be connected but you won't see posts.

2.  News Feed Preference - This is currently available for iPhone Facebook but will roll out soon to Android and Facebook users.  From the menu, select "News Feed Preferences".

Facebook News Feed PreferencesFacebook Prioritize Who to See First

You can then select to prioritize friends to see their posts first, Unfollow friends to hide their posts, and Reconnect with friends you unfollowed.

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