Sunday, July 5, 2015

ICYMI: Mobile Phone Videos, Accented Letters, Google Search Sites, Lorem Ipsum, Siri Joke, Wireless Emergency Alerts

Did you miss any of these Cool Tips this week?  Learn more about taking better videos, emergency alerts, Siri's latest joke, lorem ipsum, Google searches, hidden iPhone keyboard and Amazon Echo's Independence Day celebration.

Single Best Tip for Taking Better Videos 
Learn how this one tip will help you take better videos on your smart phone.

How to Turn Off or On Emergency Alerts on Your Smart Phone
Learn how to turn off or on wireless emergency alerts on your smart phone.

Siri, What is Zero Divided by Zero?
Apple's iPhone personal assistant Siri has a sense of humor.  Hear her latest joke.

Microsoft Word's Magical Lorem Ipsum Generator
Need some filler text for a design layout?  Let Microsoft Word generate lorem ipsum for you.

The Many Searches of Google
Learn how Google has specialized search sites to help you search for specialized information.

How to Type Accented Letters on an iPhone
There's more than meets the eye on Apple's iPhone.  Learn how you can type accented letters.

Amazon Echo Celebrates Independence Day
Amazon Echo celebrated Independence Day.  Learn how to ask Alexa these great questions.


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