Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Facebook Introduces Trending News to Keep You Logged In

One Cool Tip -
Facebook wants you to stay logged in to its site for more minutes each day.

You know, to see what your friends are having for dinner.

Not really.

Facebook wants you to stay logged in looking at all of their ads.

Their latest effort is to show trending news-worthy posts.

With millions of posts each day and agreements with major publishers, Facebook can highlight trending topics like no other service.

You can find the list of trending topics in the far right-hand column.

One Cool Tip -

You can click the various icons for trending posts on topics besides the default Top Trending including Politics, Science and Technology, Sports and Entertainment.

Clicking <See More> expands the list to show more entries.

This new feature is an upgrade to the previous "Trending" option that selected topics based upon your personal viewing and clicking habits.


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