Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reboot and Call Me in the Morning - The Sure Fire Way to Solve Most PC Issues

One Cool Tip -
Is your PC slow?  Is an application acting unusual?  Has a program stopped working?

Try a reboot first.

A complete shutdown and restart fixes most Windows issues 99 out of 100 times.

Why does a restart fix PC problems?

Some software can get bloated by hogging too much memory as files are opened and closed.  Or small coding issues causes the application or operating system to halt without an option to fix itself.  Many users keep their computers on for extended periods of time so these little issues can build up.  A restart clears any computer memory errors that have occurred since the last restart to start new.

So before wasting time screaming at your computer, try the reboot.  When the computer starts, watch for any messages that may appear.  This can help diagnose if there are hardware or operating system issues.  And before you do a restart, be sure open files are saved.


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